Wanderer Soft Sole Sneaker - Clay

Gertrude And The King


Is your toddler on the move? Don’t worry, we’ve got those feet sorted. Previously sold out colours are back in our most popular soft sole shoes. This time they feature a rubber toe cap, making them perfect for your little wanderer!

You can expect these soft sole shoes to protect your little one’s feet from dirt and prickles, but stay out of their way when they need to. A super-thin, durable sole means mimics being barefoot, still allowing sensory feedback to pass through - all those lumps and bumps underfoot help strengthen muscles and toes, oh so very important when mastering their walk (or run!). Super flexible, feather-light and featuring a wide toe box so tiny toes can spread naturally. Oh one more thing, they’re machine washable too. 

Please see the detailed size guide in the product images.

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